What is Spark Authors?

Spark Authors is a fun way for aspiring authors to build their brand while writing and releasing chapters of their story. We use gamification elements to enhance the way readers discover, share, and collaborate with stories to improve discoverability for authors.

Why did you create Spark Authors?

As the eBook market expands, aspiring selfpub authors will find it difficult to be discovered. We believe discovery must start from the very inception of writing a story; not after it’s been published. Building a brand is important for a stories success but its hard work. So we got to thinking ... how can we make the experience fun?

How does it work?

It's quite simple actually!

Benefits of pre-publish brand building with Spark Authors?

Does Spark Authors cost money?

Spark Authors is 100% Free!

Can I distribute my eBook to a third party platform?

Sure, we wouldn't block your opportunity to distribute to maxamize your exposure.

Will I be able to ePublish and distribute my stories on Spark Authors marketplace?

Yes! We're building Spark Authors marketplace where users can create and distribute eBooks.